Our entire HP used refurbished Servers available on the price list are tested, refurbished in HP workshop and certified before supply. We ensure to supply the highest quality refurbished hardware, tested thoroughly under 7 level multiple testing processes. Certified refurbished HP servers save in your budget and offer 99.54% reliability promising to meet all your business goals and targets.

Certified HP models to get enterprise server solutions for your organization within your budget. We will customize HP Refurbished servers as per your requirement and design any type of configurations to meet your business needs. We built customized HP refurbished servers upon customer request, we design processor, RAM, Hard drive, raid cards, LAN cards, upgrade options, replacement parts, support with your choice of OS and many other features. Compare configurations of various HP refurbished server models mentioned on the price list and chose the best-built configuration for your organization.

Fast Tech Networks supplies refurbished network equipment, services and support. From small interface converters to big core switches.


Switches, routers, modems, interface converters, cables etc. From manufacturers such as Cisco, Extreme Networks, Juniper and RAD.

Equipment is fully tested, cleaned, well packaged and warranted.

We go the extra mile to supply Refurbished Equipment – Better than New!