Access Control

Access Control

Our license plate recognition software is the effective solution for access control, allowing parking lots to get real-time information on vehicles entering or leaving. Manages the access of authorized and restricted vehicles, recognizing license plates with a trigger (inductive loop, photocell, etc.), continuously and acting on access barriers according to entry lists, simplifying times and integrating easily with various video systems surveillance; providing in this way to businesses or homes, circulation safely and automatically.

We provide wide range of Biometric Access Control system to secure your physical and intellectual property

We provide a highly secure biometric & Cards based access control system designed to protect access to secure areas or restricted zones in a building. Comprise hardware and custom-tailored systems to efficiently control secure access of persons, cars, trucks and heavy machinery to building sites, offices, warehouses, parking lots and other facilities.We have wide range of Biometric access control systems for human identifications like Finger print, Iris, Voice and Hand Geometry.

Biometric Access Control system

  • Increase the security of your place to multifold by allowing only authorized people’s access your network
  • Affordable
  • Very accurate
  • Saves cost Increase your credibility among your customers
  • Very fast and captures your details in seconds